The digital tool for business communication in interactive video conferences and hybrid meetings

and to have personal and self-chosen 1:1 meetings within your event, community or company


Meet other users in effective 1:1 video meetings

  • Register for a networking session and see all participants including their interests and contact details.

  • Easily book a short 1:1 video meeting with other participants during a dedicated networking session.

  • You choose yourself who to meet, no automated speed dating.

  • Other participants can book meetings with you via your automatically generated schedule.

  • Meet in private, highly secured video meeting rooms.

The idea is to match interests and effectively arrange a follow up meeting
Easily find your match and connect with your colleagues or business contacts
  • Even if not be able to meet in a specific networking session, you can still contact other users of the meet2connect networking platform via the user directory.

  • Just browse the users and their interest using the search function.

  • After finding a match, find the contact details such as e mail, phone, LinkedIn (user decides what to share).

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AZL Meeting & Networking Tool

Digital and hybrid elements will be highly relevant in future AZL meetings. That is why AZL is expanding its successful digital collaboration strategy using meet2connect for interactive video conferences to also enabling extended 1:1 networking. meet2connect enables AZL to enrich its valued face to face meetings with digital networking.

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meet2connect is available for single events, as a community platform or for networking within your company.