Privacy Notice

In this privacy policy we provide you important information on how we process your personal data in our system.

The two following points are showing how exactly your data is stored in our system:

  1. Cookies
  2. Personal Information
    1. Added by the company admin
    2. You enter it yourself


meet2connect uses cookies to o ensure that we give you the best experience on our application. However, the stored cookies are not sent for any marketing organizers or any third party organizations, it is only used to be able to provide the best user experience. With these stored cookies, you do not need to login every time you are accessing the application from the same browser. In general, all your sessions are protected and still private and will NOT be sent to any marketing organizations.

Personal Information:

Your personal information are added to meet2connect by importing your contact details provided by the host company. For security reasons we disabled the self-registeration function to be 100% sure that only partners and trusted guests can access the platform and see sensitive information.

Your personal information can be described as follows:

  1. Required
  2. Optional

Required data are your first name, last name & email address.
These inforation are obligatory to be able to use our application. it can't be hidden or removed. It is also recommended that your registered email address remain as it is and NOT changed later on after your first login. Changing or removing your email after setting your password will forbid your logging in later to the application. If necessary, you can contact the host company in order to request changing your registered email address.

Your first name and last name can be changed after your first login and that doesn not have any restrictions later when you login or join events. It is highly recommended to always keep a first name and last name as they are used in our confirmation emails system. You can change them but please do not completly remove any of them.

Optional data are your phone number, mobile number, job title, company name, LinkedIn account URL, interests and about me section.
You can freely change/remove any of these sections and still be able to use meet2connect.
By keeping these optional data, you agree that the host company partners are allowed to see these information and even use it in order to get in touch with you. External users chosen and trusted by the host adminstration are allowed to view your profile only in case you decided to register for any public event held by the host company. External users are NOT allowed to view the list of users, which means your information will be kept hidden to them unless you joined a public event. To conclude, you are allowed to remove any optional information from your profile in case you are not comfortable with the idea that external users may be able to view them.